Overland is snug and comfortable so that you can get more movement every day, without thinking about or having to change your outfit. 

Overland clothes are borne of the knowledge that our bodies are adapting all the time - to what we do, how we move, and even what we wear.  They are designed to let you move as nature intended – throughout your day, whenever and wherever you feel like it. Modern clothing is often compressive or restrictive (think tight jeans), putting extra pressure on your internal organs (hello, slow digestion!) and sometimes even forcing you into unsafe positions (ouch, my back!).

We make sustainable, ethical choices in choosing fabric, inks and production.  We use natural fibres where possible - superfine merino and cotton.  We are striving for zero waste, reusing and re-purposing equipment, and using offcuts to make new products.

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It all started when...

Tessa McDonald, a Pilates teacher and parent, was learning more about biomechanics and natural movement.  She started looking for clothes that were ethically-produced, body-friendly, comfortable and allowed all kinds of movement without screaming ‘ACTIVE WEAR!’

Overland draws together a love of the Tasmanian wilds, a background in sustainability, understanding about good movement patterns, and a lifelong passion for making things by hand.

Tessa designs, screen prints, and finishes all the Overland pieces in her Hobart studio, working with local business The Sewing Room for some sewing production.