Why choose ethical?


overland is committed to doing good!

We want you to be confident you are buying a garment made to last and wear well, and that is good for people, planet and our community.


  1. GREAT DESIGN. We make supremely comfortable wardrobe staples that will fit right into your minimalist wardrobe. Choosing thoughtfully and buying less is an important component of sustainable fashion.

  2. SOURCING THE BEST FABRIC. We are constantly searching for the highest-quality, most ethical, eco-friendly and local fabric we can source.

  3. MAKING EVERY SINGLE GARMENT HERE IN TASMANIA. We print and sew here in the Overland Studio, and also work with a local Hobart sewing business.

About the fabric

We choose natural fibres like cotton and merino wool over synthetics and more heavily-processed fibres because they are the more sustainable, and are beautiful to wear in all climates.

We choose fabric that has as many of the following characteristics as possible:

  • made from ethically and sustainably grown fibres (e.g. organic cotton, and cruelty-free merino wool from Australian and NZ sheep).

  • dyed according to the highest standards (to ensure no harmful substances remaining, and best practice in dyeing)

  • grown and/or made locally

  • remnants or ‘ends‘ left over from large fashion houses. This is unwanted fabric, so utilising these ends effectively reduces global fabric waste.

The majority of the fabrics we use are certified under one or more of the following systems*:

  • GOTS

  • OEKO-TEX 100

  • Woolmark

  • Australian Certified Organic

  • ISO 14001

*Please check item details to find out which certifications apply.

We are dedicated to being completely transparent and honest about our materials and processes – please ask if you want to know more!

Dedicated to doing better

We constantly strive to find and use fabric with more of these characteristics.

Your purchase supports us to grow to the size where we are able to send fabric to be custom-dyed here in Australia, which will mean we can purchase the very best ethical and eco-fabrics in all the colours.

If you are a producer or wholesaler of ethical/eco/locally-made fabrics, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you for supporting our Tasmanian-made, ethical and eco-friendly business!

Want to learn more?

Find out about our production processes here.